Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You can find our Tutorial Videos in various languages (English, Spanish and Portuguese) by accessing our How To page

Data-To-Earn means anybody that supplies to our aeronautical information platform will receive tokens as a reward for contributing. There are some conditions for being rewarded, such as holding $LNAV tokens and providing with legit information that will be firstly validated.

$LNAV token is the cryptocurrency associated to the Data-To-Earn project proposed by Latinnav. For more information go to our institutional website: https://latinnav.press/

Because one of the main challenges we face in this job is dealing with aviation authorities, their lack of communication, their lack of commitment and the lack of information they publish, especially for non-commercial aviation. By having a Data-To-Earn community, it will be easier to expand and integrate more aeronautical data for those regions that have been historically relegated.

We implemented a point-rewarding system where users gain points for interacting with the platform when making friends, writing reviews and filling in forms with information regarding aerodromes, aero stores, events, flying clubs and schools. Information will be validated by our team. If it’s legit, you will start accumulating points as a reward for your contribution. To swap the points for tokens (withdraw), you need to create an account on the platform and hold $LNAV tokens in your wallet before receiving the reward.

Information related to the aviation activity: Public landing sites, flying clubs and academies, private landing sites (if approved by owner), aviation stores, facilities that a landing site offers (hangar, fuel, repair, cleaning, catering, hotel, etc). Also, you will be able to contribute with more specific information for a landing site: runway dimensions, identifiers, thresholds, surface, circuit details, etc. Aeronautical events are also part of it, as well.

It may take up to 72hs from the time posted, sometimes less, depending on the demand.

You will be notified in your profile (log in to find out) and you will have to post the place again using legit, up-to-date and complete information.

Affirmative. There will always be a limit for the amount of contributions to avoid this feature abuse. The limit will be described on our Rules page.

The Data-To-Earn platform will identify duplicated information automatically and contributor won’t be able to submit it.

You are rewarded for interacting with the platform as follows:
– 10 points for creating the account.
– 5 points for adding the avatar photo.
– 5 points for adding the cover image.
– 1 point for making each friend.
– 3 points for each approved review.
– 5 points for each approved contribution (site added)
– 1 to 5 points for updating a site (depending on the update details)

Equivalence in tokens:
20 points = 1 USD (for a Medal Rank)

!! The points can be modified on demand during short periods of time and that will be always notified on the RULES page

Aeronautical information is constantly updating, that’s why the platform offers an option to UPDATE existing sites and consider it as a new contribution (rewarding with points)

You accumulate points that will be represented as follows:
20 points = 1 USD (for a Medal Rank)
Those points can be swapped for $LNAV tokens at the equivalent dollar price.

Go to your Profile’s “My Points” section to check your points balance and withdraw (swap your points for the $LNAV tokens). Open our How To page for more details.

Total point balance is the total points you get ever in the platform and it defines your RANK, while Current point balance is the amount of points you have to swap for $LNAV tokens. Every time you withdraw, your Current point balance will go back to zero. The Total point balance will never go back to zero and will always be higher than your Current point balance after you start withdrawing.

Tokens will be sent to your wallet once you reach a fixed amount of points in your account (and request to withdraw) under the condition that you already hold $LNAV tokens before receiving the reward. For example: if you request to withdraw 100 $LNAV, you must hold 200 $LNAV in your wallet before. The withdrawal conditions are published on the Rules page.

The Rank is the user status in the platform. The higher your total point balance, the better the Rank. The better the Rank, the higher the rewards in USD.

Newbie (0-50 points)
30 points = 1 USD

Rookie (51-199)
25 points = 1 USD

Medal (200-449)
20 points = 1 USD

Trophy (450-699)
15 points = 1 USD

Golden (700-999)
10 points = 1 USD

King (+1000)
5 points = 1 USD

No. The Rank will remain the same because it depends on your total point balance, not on your current point balance.

Once you have your $LNAV tokens in your wallet, you can swap them for more stable coins (BNB, BUSD, USDT) in a swap platform like Pancakeswap. Those coins are tradable for cash in your local currency through crypto platforms like Binance.

You can buy $LNAV tokens using a swap platform like Pancakeswap. You must know the contract address of $LNAV: 0xa62bc426d7ac911da2368290f06179716c500426
Here’s a guide on how to go through the whole process in case you need it: https://docs.pancakeswap.finance/readme/get-started

Yes, you can both report a place, event or any user in the platfom for copyright issues, abuse, phishing, scam or in case it’s infringing any other rules. Refer to our How To page for more details.

Premium Access Features

This web platform offers a variety of premium features for individuals, companies and brands that allow them to have more tools at their disposal:
– Claiming a place
– Unlimited edits
– Increasing page details
– Creating groups
– Advertising

Claiming a place (site/store/school, etc) means owning the page of the place you claim, which allows the owner to edit the information limitless, without having to go through the UPDATE form. And it also gives the owner access to extend the details though an exclusive form with additional fields to complete. Example, for a landing site or flying club, advanced information like runway details, facilities, fuel prices and a lot more will be at the owner’s disposal.
Another advantage of claiming a place is the allowance to create and manage groups. Example: as a flying club/school owner, you will be able to invite your community to your customized groups.

Premium-access costs are as low as a launch/dinner meal, at an average of 29 USD annual. You will get all the available packages and prices when going premium through the UPGRADE button on any of the places’ details’ page.

You can Go Premium as long as you are either the creator (by adding) or the owner (by claiming) of a place in the platform. Open your place’s page and click on the UPGRADE button. Example: you have created or claimed a place called “My Flight Academy”. Login with your username, then open your Profile’s page and select “My Contributions” tab. Open “My Flight Academy” and then search for the UPGRADE button. Check our How To page for more details.

Payment is done in cryptocurrencies. Alternatives such as BNB, ETH, BUSD, USTD.
Paying in $LNAV tokens gives you a discount of 30%.

If you don’t have a virtual wallet, one safe alternative is creating an account on Binance, as a first step. Please consult the following article: Read article. Then, you should open a virtual Wallet: Read article

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