The Concept

This Data-To-Earn platform is a project that connects the aviation community with the decentralized finance through a contribution proposal that rewards investors for participating in the work of optimizing the aeronautical information worldwide.

Sign Up

Create an account, login and start interacting with the platform, making friends, reviews and contributing with aeronautical information.


Write a review of the place you have been to, add an aeronautical site with different levels of data or update an existing piece of info.


Wait for our team to review and validate the information you added in the platform. Contributors can eventually become validators.


Accumulate points in your account if the contribution is successfully validated. Associate your crypto wallet and withdraw $LNAV tokens.

Use Case Basic Concept

Potential of the Platform

The main goal of our Data-To-Earn project is to build a powerful and reliable source of information for the aviation industry, from which all professionals can feed and where everybody would interact through reviews, social accounts, events, media and cryptocurrencies.

Mid-term goals:

How to attract new investors


Rewarding not only for adding new data, but also for updating the actual information in the platform.


Creating exclusive features for the aeronautical visitors that will be only paid in $LNAV tokens.

How to earn money?

20 points = 1 USD (for a Medal Rank)

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